Facing a wide green lawn at the corner of Foothill Street and Strawberry Road in the northwest section of Yorktown in Northern Westchester is a cluster of old frame houses, each in light gray vinyl siding with white trim.  The small sign on the front lawn of the neatly-kept complex of homes reads: Freedom Gardens

The rustic setting and the symbols on our logo tell the story of Freedom Gardens and what it means to the people who live there.  It’s a place called home for physically disabled folks and their families.  It offers the residents the opportunity to live in reasonably-priced, wheelchair-accessible private apartment units in a residential setting, independent of any kind of help in the usual activities of daily living.  A live-in resident manager team serves as landlord and provides the security of 24-hour availability in times of need.

Freedom Gardens was first established in Yonkers in 1958, when Lillian Petock Crowley, herself a paraplegic, realized her dream of setting up a “real home”- not an institution– for the handicapped.  By 1962 she had scraped together the down payment that she needed to purchase the property where Freedom Gardens is currently located in the hamlet of Mohegan Lake in the Town of Yorktown, NY.

Over the past few years, Freedom Gardens has managed to upgrade the buildings and grounds, improve its financial position, and enhance the quality of life for its residents.  This has been accomplished through grants and loans from NY State and Westchester County and by contributors from generous supporters in the community.  With the assistance of the Housing Action Council and others, our major accomplishment in 2013 was the successful completion of our new bulding, the Gary Kleiber building.  Freedom Gardens is always looking for volunteers, and has occasional fund raisers and events each year.

Freedom Gardens is located at 1680 Strawberry Road, Mohegan Lake, NY, 10547

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